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Free the Bird Photography Workshop

To me continuous learning in any field is ridiculously important. The last thing I want to do is see a Doctor who hasn’t updated their skills since leaving medical school, the same goes with photography and business. Today I’ve arrived home from Sydney, where I attended a workshop with the amazing Jai from Free the Bird Photography. My mind is reeling, in a really really good way. For any photographer looking to continue their learning I can not recommend a Jai enough.

Naomi and Gary. Creative direction by Jai Long, Free the Bird. Image by Doe and Deer Photography

Day 1 we watched the man in action. Jai has an amazing ability to make his couples super comfortable, even with twelve cameras pointed in their direction. And Jai’s epic use of light and shadows, GAME CHANGER. As I write this Cyclone Oma is on her way to the QLD Coast, predicted to intensify on Saturday. Normally I would be praying to the weather gods to be kind, but this time I am facing the rain and wind head on. I can’t wait to put this new knowledge to work and shoot indoors. Being able to write to this weekend’s bride and confidently tell her the photos will be next level, either way is such a good feeling.

Day 2 was all things business. I’m not going to bore you with the details however I can say the way I work will be changing dramatically. Jai’s customer service and attention to detail is the best I’ve seen and it was super refreshing to hear how Jai goes above and beyond to make his clients happy. If I can be half the business person Jai has moulded himself to be I will be one very happy lady and so will my clients.

Jai THANK YOU! Thank you for being so open and just an awesome human in general.

Free the Bird Workshops…. get on it!
Image by Free the Bird
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