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Wedding Timeline Tips

Deciding on your wedding day timeline can be a huge job in itself. I often sit with my couples to help them come up with an easy flowing timeline to keep stress levels at a minimum and enjoyment levels high. One of biggest wedding timeline tips is allow yourself time! If the venue you have chosen allows for flexibility as to what time you have your ceremony 9 times out of 10 I would say pick an earlier time.

Three hours before sunset or the start of your reception generally works perfectly, 2.5hrs is the absolute minimum. This sounds like too long between ceremony and reception but let’s break it down, working off a 6pm sunset.

3pm – Ceremony, generally lasts about half hour.

3:30pm – Congratulations / short mingling with guests.

3:50pm – Group / Family photos

4:15pm – Spare half an hour to join canapés / travel to portrait location / sneaky picnic and champagne with your bridal party / catch up to your schedule if we happen to be behind

4:45pm – Bridal party portraits

6:00pm – Sunset

Emma and Mick enjoyed mingling with guests at their Royston House wedding by scheduling their ceremony at an earlier time than initially planned.

Golden Hour

From a photographers perspective we want to be shooting your portraits during golden hour which is the hour right before sunset or just after sunrise. The light at this time of day gives a gorgeous warm glow and creates mood and atmosphere on the sky and surrounding landscape. Of course your images will still be beautiful outside of this time but nothing, really compares to the light at golden hour.

Lexi and Alex taking in the breathtaking views at Hang Gliders Lookout at Sunset.
Most of their portraits were taken at their accomodation Risanare Retreat, taking advantage of the stunning golden hour light.

Weddings can be stressful but they don’t have to be. The weddings I have witnessed where the couple have pushed their timeline post ceremony to squeeze in as much as possible into as little time as possible are always the ones that end in stress. Don’t be that couple, consider these wedding timeline tips and allow yourself extra time.

Check out one of our latest weddings with portraits captured at Golden Hour –

Lauren and Guy soaking in the last rays of light in front of Sunshine Beach Surf Club after their elopement.
Due to allowing extra time during planning we were able to change Keira and Tom’s schedule on the day of their wedding to capture beautiful images between storms.
Milton Park Country Club was the prefect backdrop during Golden Hour for Sophia and Patrick’s wedding.
Lauren and Adam’s Kingsliff wedding, soaking in those last rays of light and creating magic.

Venues featured in the above images:

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