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First things first, GOLDEN HOUR… The hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise is the ideal time to schedule your portraits. Of course your images will still be beautiful outside of this time but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the light at golden hour.

So, now that we are on the same page about golden hour, when should you schedule your ceremony? Obvious factors such as celebrant and venue available will come into play, but 3 hours before sunset or your reception is ideal. If you are happy to push your timeline 2.5 hours.

I know, 3 hours sounds like overkill, but let’s talk this out. Say sunset is 5:30pm, which would mean your ceremony is scheduled for 2:30pm. Hair and make up runs over and the bride arrived at 2:45ish, ceremony runs for about half hour we are now at 3:15pm, congratulations following the ceremony allow at least 15mins and the time is now 3:30pm, group and family photos allow about half an hour (which are always a stress for the couple, SORRY guys but it is a necessary evil), 4pm…. We are already at 4pm!! If we are travelling off site for photos we will need to leave now. However if not you half an hour of catch up time if you are running late or half an hour just to be, you can spend this time with your family and friends or just hanging out with your new husband and bridal party taking a moment for you.

Are you starting to see where I am coming from? The tighter your timeline the more stress you are welcoming to your wedding day.

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